Coni Judge - Image/Impression Management, Persona & Personal Branding Expert

I've got 20 Years of experience - my process is intensive and it gets results.

If you are ready to become the best version of yourself, I’m here to help you.

You deserve to feel beautiful every day.

It takes courage and persistence to change a core belief about yourself.

My core belief is, every woman is beautiful and deserves to feel beautiful, sexy, and confident every day. 

The way you project yourself affects the way you feel, think and act – and the way others react to you.  So ‘image’ and ‘personal branding’ aren’t superficial things – they’re vital to understanding how to interact with others effectively and to feel confident.

I have a simple, proven process I call “The Five Facets of Personal Branding” to guide clients to their best self and for long-lasting change.

“The Five Facets of Personal Branding” is a holistic way of looking at the surfaces you choose to project yourself. Most image consultants give clients fashion advice and help with personal shopping, but don’t really explore what’s going on inside – or ask the key question: ‘Why has she chosen these surfaces to project herself?’  Are you ready to explore your possibilities – take the next step? Let’s talk. -Coni

I'm Coni– here to help you transform your personal impact and presence, gain confidence, and elevate your communication skills.

Ready for transformation? Let’s talk. -Coni


Image/Impression Management London/UK, US & Europe

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