Coni Masciave: 

London-based Image Consultant

An expert image consultant, transformation coach, and stylist, I've worked with hundreds of men and women to help them feel attractive and confident, not just by teaching them what styles and looks are most flattering for their body type and persona, but by exploring why they are choosing these surfaces to project themselves.  

"I can do that!"

I don't believe in 'makeovers' - I do believe in transformation.  My simple, effective, guaranteed process will help you feel beautiful, attractive, confident and powerful in any setting - whether it's a job interview, a first date, a social gathering, or just every day life. 

Contact me at to discuss how I can help you reveal your best self. 

Every person has the right to look and feel amazing...  

How can I feel confident in social settings?

How can I feel attractive?

How can I make a good first impression?

How can I know what others think when they meet me?

These are the questions I can help you answer. I am an expert in image, transformation and appearance working for over twenty years with celebrities, public figures, executives and people who want to feel confident at work and in social settings.  I believe the main purpose of life is to become our best self and an important part of that is feeling attractive and being proud of our appearance.  When we feel attractive, we behave confidently and connect to our most powerful self, a self that is magnetic, engaging, and attracts others.

Do you want to change your life and how you feel about yourself? 

1. Attend one of my Beautifully Confident Seminars or retreats.  Contact me at for the latest seminar schedule.   

2. Buy my book, Beauty Rehab:  Your Guide to Feel Beautiful, Sexy and Confident in 28 Days, at

3. Visit my Beauty Rehab Blog for confidence and beauty tips and information.

As an expert in transformation, I have a simple, proven process that I use to guide clients to their best self so they feel confident, sexy, and attractive every day.  We work on how you think about yourself and I teach you how to create a personal style that reflects who you are and aspire to be, how to dress for your body, what hair style and colour flatters you, how to adjust your body language to connect effectively, how to speak clearly and powerfully.

It IS possible to look in the mirror and feel great.  It IS possible to change your looks and change your life.  It IS possible to feel confident and make a permanent change in your self esteem.

If you are ready to become the best version of yourself, I am here to help you.  Being committed to this possibility is your first step.  Contacting me is the second.  Email me at to discuss how we might work together and set up your free initial consultation.

What is an image consultant?

My job is simple: I help you feel beautiful and confident and teach you the basics of how YOU can look great.  I do not believe in making Barbie clones.  Rather, we work together to help you define what beauty means to you, the image you want to project, and how we are going to get there.

Using my simple, easy to follow Five Facets of Impact process, we explore how you present yourself in five arenas: visual, verbal, kinesthetic, sociability and positioning.   When I look at each facet, I take you through three steps:

Step 1 :  What impact are you making today?

Step 2:  Who do you want others to see when they look at you?

Step 3:  What is our strategy to reflect your best self?

How does image consulting work?

I work with men and women who want to make a real change.  Beyond a personal shopper or image consultant, I work with beauty from the inside out.  My process is intensive and it gets results.

I typically work with an image consulting client for three to six months to achieve specific goals or objectives.  Our first meeting is to see if we like each other.  If we agree to proceed, the client pays me a retainer and we agree how our sessions will be structured and the fee.  The lowest fee I charge is £2000 for a client with straightforward, achievable goals that can be addressed in a few sessions.  If a client has more complex issues or aspirational goals that require more intensive work, the fee will be greater for a longer period of time.

I offer a money-back guarantee to all my clients. If, at the end of our work, you haven't achieved the progress or gotten the result we discussed, I refund your money with no questions asked.  I believe in my process and I always get results.

Goal setting is crucial. Some goals my previous clients have had include:

         I want to get a better job

         I need to improve my interviewing skills to get accepted into the University of my choice

         I have to give public presentations and need to feel confident

         I want to feel pretty

         I want to be taken seriously in my profession

         I want my clients to respect and trust me more

         I want to start dating again and need to feel confident and attractive

         I want to know what looks good on me and feel like I present myself well

         I am recovering from cancer and want to feel pretty again

         I have lost a lot of weight and want to learn how to dress for my new body

         I am recently divorced and want to present a new image for my new life

         I want to set a goal but need help articulating it.  I just know something is missing


Setting your image goal

Wanting to be seen as attractive is not a bad or selfish thing.  It does not make you shallow.  It does not make you a narcissist.  We all have a desire to be pretty or handsome.  We all want to be attractive.  It is innate.  It is positive.  It is healthy to want to present an attractive, confident persona to others.

Why hire an image consultant or stylist? When you feel ill, you go to the doctor.  When you want to design a house, you hire an architect.  When you want to achieve anything, you find a person who has expertise or insight and you engage them to help you get where you want to go. As a professional image consultant and transformation coach, I help you reach your goals.  Whether it is to be more attractive in dating situations, to feel more confident socially, or to make a great first impression in a job interview: I will help you get what you want. 


Why makeovers do not work

Makeovers on TV chat shows typically involve throwing out old clothes, buying new clothes, and getting a haircut.  Whilst these are important concerns, if we do not address the underlying issues, we cannot achieve real change and the person will immediately revert to their old ways once the cameras have gone home.  To achieve lasting change requires introspection and looking inside.  Real transformation requires positive psychology, life coaching, and image consulting rolled into one.

What is transformation?

I typically resist being called an image consultant, stylist or personal shopper because what I do goes much deeper than the surface. As a trained image consultant, I will spend significant time with you to perform a complete style, body type and color assessment to create an overall image that includes hair, makeup, wardrobe. I conduct a wardrobe coordination and a closet overhaul to make your closet a haven of style rather than a nightmare of bad choices. I help you organize your wardrobe so that every morning will be stress-free.

Shopping service, strategically!

In every thing I do, I look beneath the surface to see how we can make lasting, transformative change that will increase your confidence and therefore your happiness.  For example, I offer a shopping service.  But more than going shopping to pick out clothes, I help you make sense of shopping, learn how to create a shopping strategy, overcome shopping anxiety, and feel confident that when you go to the shops without me you will have the skills and knowledge to get the clothes that will look great on you.

How do I get started?

It starts with an email or a phone call.  Email today for a free consultation to discuss how I can help you. 

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