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How can I make a great first impression?

See the results of an image transformation for yourself:  Anne’s Story

Anne before her transformation process


Anne 18 months after starting the transformation process

Anne 6 years after: Poised, confident, reflecting a true transformation









My services are discreet and confidential, so I rarely post ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos on my site though I’ve worked with names you’d recognize – celebrities, executives, presenters, authors, politicians and people in the public eye.

The pictures above are of Anne, a wonderful woman and client who has become a friend, and is a perfect representative of what’s possible when you genuinely want to transform yourself and your life.  Anne Ewers is a talented, powerful CEO (MD) in the arts with whom I was privileged to work for nearly two years as her partner in her personal transformation.  Anne has graciously allowed me to share her story and even been interviewed on television programmes to discuss her transformation.  More than a ‘makeover’ or ‘personal styling’, I worked with Anne using my Five Facets transformation so she would achieve lasting change.  As you can see in the photos, Anne looks younger, more lovely and more vibrant even years later, so this wasn’t another ‘makeover’, it was a true transformation.

With Anne, it was as much an internal process as an external one.  She was brilliant and great at her job, but her personal brand and image was holding her back.  She wasn’t keen on change, she had her own ‘beauty demons’ and although she knew she needed to update her personal brand, it was an overwhelming and intimidating experience.  As an image consultant and expert in transformation, it’s my job to push for change, but not to push to the point of resistance or breakdown.  It’s a process that feels a little scary, but I was there every step for reassurance and to help her see the master plan, giving her confidence as we progressed.

Transformation takes resources, time and dedication, but investing in yourself is the best investment you can make.  As Anne told a reporter in 2010, “Coni is one of those rare individuals who can walk the fine line between embracing your current outward portrayal while guiding you to dig within to find your true essence and its outward reflection.  Coni entered my life exactly when I both needed her expertise and when I was open enough to receive it.  The transformation occurred at my pace and took approximately a year.  As a result, my improved inner and outward confidence transported me to a terrific CEO post on the East Coast.  To this day, Coni’s guidance accompanies me on every shopping excursion.”

Anne Ewers 'Before' and 6 years 'After' her transformation

Anne Ewers Before and After - Stunning transformation to reveal just how beautiful, young and vibrant she is inside and out

As a presenter in the public eye, Anne now presents a powerful, dynamic image reflecting her professionalism and passion for her profession

Coni’s Five Facets Approach to Transforming Your Image

I work with women and men on an individual basis  to reveal their ‘best self’ using my unique Five Facets approach.  Each person is a unique gemstone – how you cut, polish and refine each facet will reflect the image of success, positivity, and attraction that connect you with your most powerful self.

Facet 1 – Visual Impact:

What surfaces are you projecting for the world to see?  We judge a person in the first seven seconds and the primary source of information that we use to determine if the person is trustworthy, friendly, competent, and intelligent is what we see.  So, what’s your ‘first glance’ impression telling others about you?  I help you see what other’s see and refine the edges and surfaces to project the image you want.  I also use a 360 process to get first impressions from others so we have a neutral viewpoint going in – it’s powerful to reveal your blindspots and not for the faint of heart.  I’ve worked magic transforming men and women with subtle tweaks to the way they dress, the colours they choose, the shoes they wear, or the handbag they carry.  It all adds up in the quick ‘first impact’ moment that you only get once!

Facet 2 – Verbal Impact:

When you start speaking, before the brain can even process what it is that you’re saying, the listener has already decided if you’re credible and worth listening to.  Cadence, tone of voice, inflections, accents, and non-verbal sounds all combine to give an auditory impression of who you are to the listener.  I help you refine your voice, overcome any issues, and learn to use pauses, control inflections and harness verbal energy to project confidence or inspire trust.

Facet 3 – Kinesthetic Impact:

Body language is a fascinating field of study and makes a tremendous difference in how others perceive you.  We work together to determine your ‘energy’ and how you can adjust it to make the impression you want.  We also create your ‘kinesthetic profile’ – are you resistant to touch or are you a natural hugger?  Is this behaviour inadvertently putting off others with whom you want to connect? I help you understand how to channel your personal physical energy to make the best impression and connection.

Facet 4 – Sociability:

Manners and social graces are fundamental in creating relationships.  Do others perceive you as gracious, friendly, easy to be with?  Depending upon your own culture, the culture you’re living/working in, your introversion/extroversion capacity and other factors, you may be sending out off-putting signals without being aware.  Sociability covers how to behave in social settings, makings others feel at ease, table manners, business etiquette, sports etiquette as appropriate (golf, tennis, even going to a football match) and other ways to get along with the world.  I assess where you need to be ‘smoothed out’ and teach you everything you need to know to be a great host or a sought-after companion.

Facet 5 – Positioning:

This facet is the hardest to explain and the most important to get right.  There are several aspects, all of them difficult to articulate.  One element is semiotics, the study of signals – how people interpret everything from your car to the number of Facebook friends you have.  These semiotic signals are critical in how people assess you. Another element is situational dynamics which includes where you sit, stand, walk and reach.  For example: where should you sit at a conference table, at dinner with colleagues, at a coffee bar with a date, in a meeting room?  It depends on who’s there and what you want to achieve – and believe it or not, it matters.  We look at specific environments, patterns that are being troublesome, and discuss how to break through the blockers.  We also discuss relationship issues with colleagues and others to see if situational dynamics are playing a part.

How can I transform my image and create a personal brand?

The Five Facets approach is the most holistic, comprehensive process for image transformation available.  It’s based on my own research into cognitive psychology, behaviourism, positive psychology, semiotics, linquistics, fashion and style, and my twenty years of corporate experience.  It’s a powerful, transformative process that has helped my clients and I hope will help you too.

How I work

1 – Quick Fix Makeover

Some clients want ‘tweaking’ for a specific event or situation: an important job interview, a big date, or just a refresh.  The first step is to book me for a one-hour session to discuss your objectives and we can agree the best plan.   It could be we just need to do a closet clearout or a mentoring/shopping trip to give you a kickstart.
Initial consultations are £175 for the hour paid at booking and I guarantee your satisfaction – if you don’t think it was valuable, I refund your money immediately.

2 – Image Transformation Process

I only work with a maximum of ten transformation clients at any one time so I can ensure I have the capacity to give them the attention and time they need.  The transformation process begins with the one-hour objectives session – again at £175 paid at booking – where we discuss your concerns, goals, and commitment.  If we decide that this isn’t a good fit, I’m happy to refund the cost of your consultation if you are unsatisfied with the information I give you and the progress we make in the first session.  If we do decide to work together to achieve your image transformation, the initial consultation fee is applied to the cost of the transformation programme which typically costs anywhere from £2000 – £3000 for a retainer. At this first meeting, we create a very specific plan with objectives, milestones, schedule and outcomes.  I give you my first impressions and create a detailed strategy for how we’ll proceed with the programme.  I ask for your commitment to the process – both in time and in willingness to be open to change.  And I commit to you that I will bring my expertise, thinking energy, and passion for helping others to help you realise your goals and project your best self.

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